Posted on Aug 12, 2013


Occasionally The Ruby Kid is called upon to contribute a verse or two to songs by other artists. He tries not to make them worse than they would have been if he wasn’t involved. Here’s a list. Some of these are so old, they only exist on MySpace. Imagine that.

Hope’s Fall (with Kworyl, 2008)

Tourniquet (with Appeal, from Appeal — Art Beats, 2008)

Faces of War (with Flex Digits & Vee Da I, from Flex Digits — Intergalactic Flu, 2009)

Sunset on the Cityscape (with Abstract Soundz, from Abstract Soundz — Abstract Soundz Presents… 2010)

Final Wars (with Psychosis Holochaust, Flex Digits, & Ohpityme, from Psychosis Holochaust, Flex Digits, & Pseudonym — Conquest of the Overfiend, 2010)

Perfection (with Yeti One, from Yeti One — I’ve Got Something I Don’t Want To Say To You, 2010)

Restoration (with Yeti One & Lorax, from Yeti One — I’ve Got Something I Don’t Want To Say To You, 2010)

They’ll Store Our Brains (In Mason Jars) (with Mikee Liks & Copius, 2011)

20 Years of Schooling & They Put You On The Dayshift (with Skribbo, from Skribbo — Demanding The Impossible, 2013)

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