Posted on Apr 17, 2013


Benny & The Crow - Single and Remixes

BENNY & THE CROW – Single, video, and remixes package (April 2013)


The ‘Benny & The Crow’ single, video, and remixes package is The Ruby Kid’s first release since the November 2012 EP Strange, Lively, & Commonplace, on which ‘Benny & The Crow’ features.

The track, with a beat produced by Tom O’Brien and mixing and mastering provided by long-time collaborator Dan Angell, finds the narrator coming at house parties, nightclubs, and warehouse raves at odd angles, accompanied by a cast of characters including the mysterious ‘Amanda’, 17th century English poet Andrew Marvell, and the titular ‘Benny’ and his winged sidekick. There’s even a cameo appearance from legendary satirist Chris Morris, in the form of a sample from his infamous encounter with a drug dealer on 1994’s Brass Eye.

The package also includes a video from independent film collective Common Sense, and remixes of the track from Dan Angell, Diss1, and Elai Immortal of H.L.I. Visual artist David King provides the artwork.

This release anticipates The Ruby Kid next release, a project due in summer/autumn 2013 which will be his first as part of Spinning Compass, a new independent hip-hop label that’s also home to H.L.I, 4th Lord, and UK rap legend Juice Aleem,

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